We build ideas. The ideas are protected by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA), then analyzed for design parameters, cost and market viability. This information helps establish preliminary Budgets and Timelines along with further product validation. 

‚ÄčIf all indicators point to Go, SinoSpec engineers create 3D CAD drawings. Design elements may include: Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Optical Engineering, PCB Layout, Software, Firmware, Apps, Tooling and Packaging. Depending on project complexity, diverse resources can be assimilated to lend specific strengths to the Design process. Multiple review and input stages ensure that finished designs are consistent with client's goals. When drawings are complete, prototyping begins. It can be difficult to relate drawings to actual products so prototypes help resolve final design questions. Often 2 or 3 prototypes are created before final design is approved and ready to develop.   


Deliver means to carry through on all commitments in a timely manner. The Deliver phase also covers finalizing all required documents and certifications in addition to final QC inspections. Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) standards are applied to final QC with testing to include a full range of functions, environmental and drop testing, packaging, UPC scan and more. Export Documentation, Air/Ocean Forwarding, Shipment Consolidation, Foreign Trade Zone and all services required to move finished products to global destinations are available from the SinoSpec Logistics Team.


Turning an idea into a product often involves working with multiple factories. Integrity, Quality, Reliability and Competitive Pricing are some of the key elements used to evaluate potential partner factories. SinoSpec's team will do comprehensive, on site reviews and work with selected factories to develop Build of Material (BOM) guidelines. The BOM helps clarify tooling costs, unit pricing and Minimum Order Requirements that in turn lead to final budgets. After budget approval, tooling and packaging design begins.  T1 or first shot samples lead to tooling modification and polishing. T2 and T3 samples are produced, as needed, followed by production. A limited edition "pilot run" to shake out and eliminate any remaining issues is the first production run after which full production is ready to commence.  Throughout the development process, the supply chain is analyzed, QA monitoring points identified and a complete QA protocol established.